The Capitol Theatre presents and/or produces a wide spectrum of programming from TIFF films, professional and non-professional live theatre, original productions, music/variety, children’s programming and a host of special events.

We raise approximately 55% of our annual operating budget from our box office receipts which is one of the highest in Canada. However, we rely on our donors to help accomplish everything we do. Please donate to the Capitol — every dollar helps us bring you more of our innovative programs, offer more shows and bigger acts. You also help make theatre more financially accessible for school and community groups.

Just as importantly, when you help us thrive, you are helping Port Hope and the region. Our success helps boost the local economy — specifically local businesses such as restaurants, shops and accommodation providers. In turn, those businesses employ people in the area and inject more money into the community. If you love Port Hope, we invite you to be part of its success.


We are a Registered Charitable Non-Profit Organization which means your gift qualifies for a tax credit. A charitable tax receipt will be sent to you promptly upon completion of your donation.


To make a donation to the theatre, please contact our Box Office at 905-885-1071.

To make a donation In Memory Of, please contact our Box Office at 905-885-1071.

Please note we are currently working on adding ONLINE DONATIONS capability to our website.

Any donations may also be mailed to the following address:

Cameco Capitol Arts Centre

20 Queen Street

Port Hope, ON L1A 2Y7


Whereas the Capitol Theatre Heritage Foundation supports the productions and the annual operation of the theatre, The Capitol Theatre Endowment Trust Foundation was formed as a separate organization to support and preserve this historic theatre as well as to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the theatre. MORE INFO