Storytime Contest

The Capitol Theatre’s Storytime Contest

This year’s 2020 theatre season was set to be a season of
“Amazing Adventures” …and we are certainly in the midst of an unexpected adventure.

Theatre is about sharing stories.
While we are unable to physically tell our stories through performance from the stage, we can share our stories in other ways.
Can you remember a time when you had an amazing adventure? Maybe it is a story of going to the theatre, or a story about overcoming a fear, exploring a new place, finding the way home or taming a wild animal.

Susan Ferley, Artistic Director of the Capitol Theatre, invites you to create and share your amazing adventure with her.


My Amazing Adventure!
By Jaxson Kinsella

Hello, my name is Jaxson Kinsella I want to tell you about the fun experience I had at the capitol theatre!! I went and saw the Wizard of Oz play when I was 6 years old (I am now 9 years old)  I had so much fun at the play. I went with my mommy and we ate popcorn. The popcorn at the capitol theatre is so yummy!! The Wizard of oz was my mom’s favourite movie when she was a kid and still is her favourite movie and it is now my favourite movie too so that was fun going to see the play because it’s both of our favourites! My favourite part of the play was when Dorothy met the lion. I like the lion because he was a good actor. They did a great job performing at the capitol theatre!! I want to go back to the capitol theatre to see the Wizard of oz again but this time with my little brother and my mommy.

Thanks  for reading my amazing adventure story have a good day/night

From Jaxson Kinsella


My Amazing Adventure!
By Harry Soroyan

In 1967 my Uncle Mr. Alexanian was going on a vacation to Egypt.  I had always been interested in Egypt, and the Egyptian Antiquities, and asked if I could go with them.  To my surprise he agreed.  I made a deal with my parents; I would pay half of the costs, from the money I had saved from my paper route, and they would pick up the other half.

A month later we arrived at “Hotel Luxor” about two miles from the pyramids.  The very next day, we traveled to the great pyramid, and were inside, on our way to the pharaoh’s chamber.  The passageway was very dark, and I was at the end of our group.  Soon I could not see anyone in the darkness.

I was very frightened in the absolute darkness. I walked in complete darkness and called out for the longest time.  After what seemed like a lifetime, I could see a light in the distance.  I walked towards the light and could see an opening in the passageway.  A part of the wall was open, I looked inside a large room with candles lighting the room. A man with a magnificent headdress and loincloth was working inside. I asked “Where am I and who are you?”

“I am the ‘High Priest; I take care of the needs of the Pharaoh in the afterlife.  You see once the Pharaoh has passed, his life energy is one with the cosmos.  The pyramid’s purpose is to store energy, usable energy that the Pharaoh could use.  We take care of all his needs.”

“I thought the Grave Robber’s had emptied all the Pharaoh’s treasures,” I asked.

“No.”  He said.  “No one has ever found the Pharaoh’s true burial chamber.  Fake chambers have been made, but the real chamber is hidden away in a different location of the pyramid.”  He explained to me the energy of life enters the pyramid from the keystone at the top of the pyramid, and the energy is stored in oil-filled pots, and used when needed, for the Pharaoh’s use.  There are tunnels that go to all three pyramids and we look after all three pharaohs.”

“You better leave.  If you are caught here you will not be allowed to leave.”  He said.  He gave me a candle and showed me the way to find my Uncle.  As I was leaving a large section of the wall came down and closed off the room.  I followed his directions and found my uncle.  My uncle asked where I had been and I told him what had happened to me.  He did not believe me, and said to tell the truth.

“Uncle.”  I explained, “It really happened. It really happened. You do believe me don’t you?”


My Amazing Adventure!
By Finley Sedgwick

Hi! I’m Emily and I have a dog. My parents hate dogs so you might be wondering why I have one? Let’s travel back to 7 hours ago. I turned 15 yesterday and got asked to babysit. The kid was turning five and because it was his birthday I made a cake for him. I headed off to go to Jeremy’s house and since his house was so close I walked there. But… I got lost! I thought I found Jeremy’s house and the gate to the backyard was open so I went in. But I couldn’t see Jeremy. The backyard was connected to a forest so I thought maybe Jeremy might be hiding in the forest. I went in to find him. I saw something grey so I chased it. I then realized it was a wolf! Oh no, it started following me. He didn’t want to hurt me, he just wanted some cake. I gave him some, and he became my friend. And that’s how I got a wolf … l mean dog… wink wink. Shhh, don’t tell my parents. The End!

By Finley Sedgwick


My Amazing Adventure!
By Rebecca Moffatt

At the beginning of last summer, I was searching online for a new job. Making pizzas at the Metro deli counter was starting to get old. I wanted to make more money. More importantly, I wanted to get outside, to soak up the sun’s golden rays. If I had to work, I wanted to spend eight hours doing something healthy. Something that didn’t involve pepperoni and a hairnet.

I scoured the online job sites for a few days and was starting to give up. Taking a break from my search, I decided to rummage through my old Facebook photos. My friend’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to dig up a few funny pics to post on her timeline. As I scrolled, I came across a photo taken the year before, when my boyfriend and I visited the lavender fields. I recalled that day vividly: the fields were in full bloom, with shafts of bright purple flowers bending in the breeze as bees buzzed around the petals. The smell of the violet blossoms overwhelmed me, sweet and enchanting. This one photo spoke to me of peace; the serenity that comes with being at one with nature. Honestly, it was breathtaking.

Suddenly, it hit me. This was a place I wanted to be every day. Could they possibly be hiring? Would it matter that I didn’t know the first thing about lavender? Cautiously, I checked out their website. The site didn’t even include a section for job opportunities, and as I learned that this was a family-owned and operated business, I realized with a sinking heart that they probably didn’t require outside help. It was a lost cause.

As the day wore on, however, I began to think… It couldn’t hurt to ask. The worst they could say was “no.” By lunchtime, instead of laundry-listing all the reasons I wasn’t going to get this job – a job that existed only in my own mind – I was asking, “Why not?”

Boldly, I clicked on their email address and began typing, asking if they ever hired extra help. I acknowledged it was a longshot, but wanted them to know just how much I wanted to work for them. I clicked “send” and watched the email float off into the ether. Sitting back, I shook my head, recognizing I would probably never hear from these people.

To my surprise, just two days later I received a reply. The owner explained they had never hired anyone before, but the business was growing and they could use someone to help maintain the lavender fields, harvesting the plants and helping to produce the products sold in the gift shop. She told me to meet her at the fields at nine a.m. sharp that Saturday for what she described as a “mini-interview.”

I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair! I called my mom, my boyfriend, my grandparents…basically my entire family…to tell them I had an interview. They were supportive, but reminded me I might not get the job. I had zero experience after all. The nerves set in as I realized they were right. My resume consisted of serving at fast food joints and working the counter at Metro. I had never worked with plants before, let alone lavender. I was in over my head.

When Saturday arrived, I nervously dressed my best for the interview. I arrived at the fields ten minutes early and had to wait anxiously in the gift shop for the clock to strike nine. I perused the shelves, noting the wide range of lavender products they sold. It was an impressive operation and maybe just a little intimidating. As I reached to pick up a bar of soap, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a woman with long blond hair stretching down her back, simply dressed in t-shirt and well-worn jeans. Ugh, why had I dressed up so much? This was a farm, after all, not a Gap store! She introduced herself as Sabena, the owner. A kind smile spread across her lightly freckled face and I started to feel more at ease.

She led me outside, touring me through the greenhouses and fields, explaining the process for planting, tending, and harvesting the lavender. She even introduced me to the two resident cats, Cocoa and Butter. I began to feel at ease, but I was waiting for her to start asking me questions. With each step, my resolve to get this job grew. My mind was scrambling to come up with the best way to convince this lady that she just had to hire me!

And then, suddenly, she told me I could start the following Monday. I would have to arrive by five a.m. but my day would be done at 2:30 p.m. I had the job.

Before she could change her mind, I shook her hand and thanked her for the opportunity. Filled with excitement, I drove home in a daze, eager to share the news with my family and friends.

The summer that followed was one of the hottest on record. Each day I woke at four and threw on a tank top, shorts and my Crocs, and headed out to the fields. As we spent months tending to the lavender plants, I learned more than I could have imagined. Cultivating, successfully transplanting seedlings from greenhouse to field, weeding, harvesting, creating bouquets, sculpting the meditation garden. I came to know the names and characteristics of more than 40 different varieties of lavender. I learned how to work in harmony with the bees, who not only played a vital role in pollination but also provided the lavender honey sold in the gift shop. I weathered the busy month of July when the lavender was at its height and the farm hosted visitors from around the world. I lasted through the back-breaking month of August when we harvested thousands of stems. There were days my hands were so sore I could barely grip a glass of water.

I wouldn’t change one moment of that summer.

Working in the fields inspired a love for plants. It awakened in me a passion for gardening that is reflected in the shelves upon shelves of indoor plants that have found a home in my apartment. I understand how plants can transform our mood, reduce stress, and create a healthy environment. The feeling of being at one with nature is now a gift that I can carry with me every day, even in the darkest days of winter.

And all of this happened because I took a chance, moved outside my comfort zone, and put a little bit of faith in myself. The result turned out to be my dream job.

By: Rebecca Moffatt.