The Capitol Theatre invites patrons, volunteers, artists, and long time supporters to tell us what the Capitol Theatre means to them and to share personal stories about their experiences at the Capitol.

We want to hear about enjoying a bag of popcorn, a coke, and a movie for .37 cents, or what it was like to enjoy your first date at the theatre.

What’s YOUR Story? To submit your Personal Stories, or to tell us what Your Capitol Theatre Is,

My Capitol Theatre Is:

“My Capitol Theatre is volunteering, billeting actors and meeting so many great people.”  Judy Ritza
“My Capitol Theatre is Atmospheric.” 
Rod Stewart
“My Capitol Theatre is Magic.” Charlene Soroyan
“My Capitol Theatre is playful.” Susan Ferley
“My Capitol Theatre is the heart of the community.”   Ben Currelly

What’s YOUR Capitol Theatre?

Personal Stories

“As a young child in the 50s I was allowed, with my 25-cent allowance, to go to the Saturday matinee which got me into the movies plus treats at the canteen situated at the top of the stairs.  Most Saturdays it was cowboy movies (Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Gene Autry) or Lou Costello and The Three Stooges — and always a cartoon.”
Judy Ritza
“I remember seeing my first movie there around 1948. I lived on a farm, so going to town once a week for groceries and my piano lesson were all that was allowed. It was a rare treat when Kay Scott,  who very recently passed away,  drove my mom and I to the Capitol to see one of the early Disney movies called ‘Song of the South’ in colour. It was a highlight for me and I still sing the songs Uncle Remus was singing in that movie.” Doris Goheen


Join us on the Anniversary Weekend when Aaron & Aidan of Two Blue Shirts Productions, will be on-site capturing all of the excitement! We invite you to share a special memory or have your picture taken to share with us when you tell what  YOUR CAPITOL THEATRE IS…