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Experience the Lerner and Loewe classic MY FAIR LADY live on stage at The Capitol with Director and Visual Designer ANTONIO SARMIENTO’s cinematic style, starring ELLEN DENNY, DAVID LEYSHON, SWEENEY MACARTHUR and featuring a stunning professional All-Canadian cast. 

Hailed by critics and audiences for its heart and its wit, My Fair Lady is a beautiful musical about transformation, patronage, gender politics and class. It’s the Cinderella story about the Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle and the appealingly arrogant phoneticist, Professor Higgins, in an endearing tale that charms audiences with its warmth and vivid characters.

Featuring popular songs such as “I Could Have Danced All Night”, “Loverly” and “The Rain In Spain” with Choreography by STEPHAN DICKSON, Musical Direction by MICHAEL BARBER and Costume Design by ALEX AMINI.

Please note that we have made changes to our seating map for the 2017 summer live theatre season. Please click on the “Seating Map” Tab below for more information before ordering tickets online. 

My Fair Lady - review

MY FAIR LADY stars Ellen Denny, Terry Belleville and David Leyshon.

“What an amazing production!!!! Would definitely recommend everyone see it!”

Dawn L., Facebook

“Enjoyed this production immensely. Everything was exquisitely done. Congratulations!”

Ashton M., Facebook

“Fantastic show. Amazing Actors, Fantastic sets and Wonderful voices.”

Michael B., Facebook

“Wonderful evening performance of My Fair Lady in Port Hope! The production and performances were outstanding , in particular the lead roles of Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle were wonderfully played and the actors have excellent voices. High energy production, great music, dancing and creative sets.”

“Love Loved “My Fair Lady”, innovative staging, and the cast is spectacular. Incredible lead vocals and the characters are engaging and fun! Kudos to all!”

Cathy P., Facebook

“I saw My Fair Lady yesterday. Beautiful, amazing and thoroughly enjoyable.Very talented cast. Well worth going and I would love to see more.”

Lori C., Facebook

“Knocked it out of the park!!”

Jim M., Facebook

“We took in a performance of My Fair Lady and were blown away by the professionalism and quality of this show. It rivals any musical production that I have attended in Toronto!”

Sheepiegirl20162017, TripAdvisor

“This production was simply amazing. Massive talent, great energy and entertaining from start to finish!”

Mike S., TripAdvisor

“Enjoyed every single moment of this performance last night with friends. Such energy & outstanding voices!!!”

Susan P., Facebook

“Great show, I was blown away. So well put together and the performers were wonderful!”

Jocelyn A., Facebook

“Wonderful show! I saw it twice last week!”

Miriam T., Facebook

“This is a great theatre. We saw “My Fair Lady”. It was an awesome play. The music and actors did an excellent job.”

Tworeaders, TripAdvisor

“High energy production, great music, dancing and creative sets.”

KateJohn, TripAdvisor

“A wonderful performance. It just keep getting better as it went along. Bravo.”

Merrill S., Facebook

“Alfie Doolittle stole the show!! Thanks Capitol Theatre!!”

Lynne M., Facebook
“Fantastic show! We all loved it & would like to see it again!”
Donna C., Facebook

“Enjoyed an afternoon matinee of this wonderful musical. Really worth seeing. Thank you.”

Gwen B., Facebook

“My Fair Lady was an excellent production. Thoroughly enjoyed the show…”

David K., Facebook

“…My Fair Lady was a delight to watch.”

Karen M., Facebook