Support The Capitol Experience

The Capitol Theatre raises approximately 70% of funds required to support our annual operating budget from our box office sales receipts and membership donations. Our volunteers donate approximately 15,000 hours of their time annually working in the Box Office as well as on one of the 6 teams who support each show put on at the theatre, from ticket takers to ushers to bartenders. Even with all of this support we still need to raise approximately 30% of the funds needed to pay for the annual general operations budget.

Every dollar you donate helps us continue to thrive which in turn helps the town of Port Hope and the surrounding region thrive. Our success helps boost other local businesses such as shops, dining, accommodation and more. When our local business thrive the whole town and region thrives.

Please consider providing a donation either annually or monthly which help continue to bring you excellent live entertainment, TIFF movies and the Opera from the Met.

A donation in any amount to the Capitol Theatre allows us to continue to bring you great live theatre and keep our ticket prices affordable for everyone! We thank you for your generosity and support.