The Cameco Capitol Arts Centre presents Live Theatre productions as follows:

  1. Professional productions via the “Port Hope Festival Theatre”.
  2. Semi-Professional and Amateur productions via “The Capitol Theatre Ensemble”
  3. Amateur Children’s productions via “Capitol Kids”
  4. External Productions via the production Company, i.e. “3P Productions”


PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIONS:  Submit headshot and resume directly to us with the subject line including the name of the show you are submitting for and “Submission – Equity” or “Submission Non-Equity.   i.e. “MAMMA MIA Submission – Equity”   If we wish to see you for an audition you will be contacted for an appointment.  No calls or follow-ups, to submit, please email.   Video submissions are accepted.

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR PRODUCTIONS:  Open auditions will be announced on this page and on social media.   No submissions necessary.


TYPE: Professional “D Category” Equity contract
◦ Director – Susan Ferley
◦ To be announced
◦ Rehearsals:  July 12, 2019, for select Leads, July 16 Full Cast
◦ Previews: Aug 6 and 7
◦ Open: Aug 8
◦ Close: Sep 1
AUDITIONS:  Please note that only those artists who are invited to audition will be contacted to set up an audition time.
PREPARE:  Please prepare 16 bars of two contrasting songs and accompany yourself on the guitar or piano. You may sing from the show. Please bring an additional cross section of your rep in case you are asked to sing more.


  • TYPE: Professional – Produced by 3P Productions
  • NOTE: Both casts must be full “Equity” members.
  • SUBMISSIONS and AUDITIONS:  Please submit directly to Sweeney MacArthur at


Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to stimulate your imagination? 

Are you looking for opportunities to work with theatre professionals, and others in the community, to create an imaginative production based on Tolkien’s famous book?

Audition for a role in the Capitol’s upcoming production of THE HOBBIT!


Hobbits are not usually interested in adventures.  Bilbo Baggins very much enjoys the comforts of home, but Bilbo’s mother was a Took – and the Tooks are well-known to be more adventurous!

The Wizard Gandalf encourages (and perhaps tricks) Bilbo into joining a group of dwarves, who are heading off to reclaim their former “Kingdom under the Mountain”.  The story is filled with a world of ancient maps and treasures.  There are encounters with friends – but the journey is not without dangers, including traveling through treacherous Mirkwood, encounters with monstrous trolls, giant evil spiders, and of course – the real villain of the book, the dragon Smaug.


Artistic Director Susan Ferley invites members of the community to become involved in the fall production of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, adapted for the stage by Kim Selody.

The production will be directed by Susan Ferley.  The Hobbit will be an intergenerational, gender-fluid production – involving boys and girls, men and women, parents and children, interested in performing on stage.

You may know the story, and be familiar with the characters who are part of the adventure.  Some of the characters are:

  • Gandalf, a wizard
  • Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit
  • Thorin Oakenshield, and his group of twelve dwarves
  • Elrond, an Elf
  • Smaug, a dragon
  • Bard, the Archer
  • Tom, Bert and William Troll, trolls
  • Old Took, Bilbo’s grandmother, and the narrator of The Hobbit
  • And… Goblins!!!

You could also be a part of the creative team, working behind the scenes, where there are lots of possibilities for a wonderful experience.  You could:

  • Make costumes
  • Help build props
  • Create scenery
  • Assist the artistic director
  • Help organize and oversee scheduling, rehearsals, and the actual performance as a stage manager
  • And more!


Show us your interest!  Tell us why you’re interested, what you are interested in doing as either an actor on stage or behind the scenes, and if you have some experience, tell us about that too!   You should know a lot of time is involved from August through mid-October, to prepare for the actual show before it opens, with lots of weekend and evening rehearsal and preparation.

Just fill out the form below.   We will be holding auditions in June for on-stage roles, and having meetings in June for those interested in working behind the scenes.

Rehearsals start on August 25th this year, if you wish to audition, please fill in the form below!

If you attend school, your parent or guardian’s name:

Area(s) of Interest:

On-stageBehind the ScenesMusicWardrobe/CostumesHair and MakeupPropsPaintingPhotographyVideoAssistant to the DirectorStage ManagementOther (detail below)

Past experience is NOT necessary, however, let us know if you have past performing experience or working behind the scenes:

Why are interested in becoming involved in this project?