The Cameco Capitol Arts Centre presents Live Theatre productions as follows:

  1. Professional productions via the “Port Hope Festival Theatre”.
  2. Semi-Professional and Amateur productions via “The Capitol Theatre Ensemble”
  3. Amateur Children’s productions via “Capitol Kids”
  4. External Productions via the production Company, i.e. “3P Productions”


PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIONS:  Submit headshot and resume directly to us with the subject line including the name of the show you are submitting for and “Submission – Equity” or “Submission Non-Equity.   i.e. “MAMMA MIA Submission – Equity”   If we wish to see you for an audition you will be contacted for an appointment.  No calls or follow-ups, to submit, please email.   Video submissions are accepted.

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR PRODUCTIONS:  Open auditions will be announced on this page and on social media.   No submissions necessary.