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Presented by: Capitol Theatre Kids Ensemble (Amateur, Non-Equity, No-Pay)
Director & Production Designer: Shannon Oliver
Rehearsals: Starting end of June until July 5. More frequent as opening night approaches.
Opens: July 6
Closes: July 14
Roles Available: All

OPEN AUDITIONS: At the Capitol on Wednesday, April 25th from 6pm-9pm and Monday, April 30th from 6pm-9pm in the Sculthorpe Studio Theatre.

*No need to book appointment come on one of the days

LOCATION: 20 Queen Street Port Hope (upstairs in the Sculthorpe Theatre)

Prepare: prepare a song , use karaoke or backtrack version. We can play iPods, iPhones or MP3 Players.


Based on the Disney film and J.M. Barrie’s enchanting play, Disney’s Peter Pan JR. is a modern version of the timeless tale about a boy who wouldn’t grow up… with no flying required! The score includes new arrangements of classic Disney songs and a story featuring one rousing adventure after another.

Wendy Darling loves to tell stories to her brothers, Michael and John. But when her father announces she must move out of the nursery, Peter Pan comes to visit the children and whisks them away to Neverland. Their journey introduces them to the Lost Boys, Mermaids, Indians and even the infamous pirate, Captain Hook!  It’s Peter to the rescue when Wendy is taken captive by the dreaded captain, who has his own sinister plans in mind for our hero.

Disney’s Peter Pan JR. is a magical story with countless opportunities for clever staging and design, and large ensemble numbers featuring cliques of classic characters.

The Capitol Theatre Ensemble is a group founded by the Cameco Capitol Arts Centre that provides opportunities for local amateur actors to be in our Live Theatre Productions. Northumberland County is overflowing with artistic talent and we love to showcase it here on The Capitol Stage.


Peter Pan
Peter Pan is the boy who would never grow up. He is a hotheaded, adventurous adolescent who is also very caring. Cast an actor who can be commanding and but also had the ability to capture tender moments. A boy or a girl can play the role. Peter Pan has a few solos, but a strong character actor can easily act through them.
Gender: Both
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell is Peter Pan’s fairy. She is full-size and able to speak English when talking to the audience, but is two inches tall and only able to speak through bells when in scenes. Cast a confident singer and actor, as Tinker Bell is the narrator and has several solos. This role could be an opportunity to showcase a dancer, if you have a triple threat in the bunch!
Gender: Female
The Fairies
The Fairies are Tinker Bell’s friends and have been roped into telling the story with her. Silvermist is sweet and supportive. Rosetta has southern charm. Fawn is spunky and fun. Iridessa is the most cautious and sensible. And Vidia can’t believe she has to put up with being in someone else’s story. The performers should be able to bring an individual personality to their character and be confortable with group singing. The Fairies are an opportunity to showcase dancers, if you have talent in the group.
Gender: Female
Wendy is the eldest Darling child, a gifted storyteller with a maternal sensibility. Look for a mature performer who isn’t afraid of showing emotion. Wendy sings several solos that are fairly high, so cast a performer is who a confident singer with a decent singing range.
Gender: Female
John is the middle Darling child who acts quite mature for his age. He is a smart, analytic thinker who is a natural leader. Look for an actor who is capable of this sophistication while still being a kid at heart. While some solos are required, most singing is done in groups.
Gender: Male
Michael is the youngest Darling child, baby brother to Wendy and John. He is sensitive and playful. This role is an opportunity to showcase one of your younger actors who can keep up with the older kids in the cast. The roll contains a few short solos, but requires mostly group singing.
Gender: Male
Mr. Darling
Mr. Darling is the Darling children’s father. He is a moody, pompous man who actually has an extremely caring heart underneath it all. Depending on the size of your cast, the actor playing Mr. Darling can also play the role of Captain Hook. Cast a versatile performer who isn’t afraid of physical comedy, crazy voices and being over-the-top, especially if double cast as Captain Hook.
Gender: Male
Mrs. Darling
Mrs. Darling is the Wendy, John and Michael’s mother. She is wise and maternal, the calming opposite to Mr. Darling’s fussing. Cast a performer who is capable of portraying a motherly command over her children and her husband. Depending on the size of your cast, the actor playing Mrs. Darling can also play the role of Tiger Lily.
Gender: Female
Nana is the Darling children’s nursemaid and a dog. She cannot speak, but takes very good care of the Wendy, John and Michael. Cast a performer who isn’t afraid of being physical. The role of Nana can be played by a boy or a girl, and often also plays the role of Smee.
Gender: Both
Captain Hook
Captain Hook is a dangerous villain who seeks revenge on Peter Pan for the loss of his hand. He is pompous, gaudy and without a conscience. This role is a chance to showcase one of your stronger character actors. The performer should have good comedic timing and a big personality. While the role includes several solos, a strong character actor can easily act through them. When possible, the role of Captain Hook should be played by the actor playing Mr. Darling.
Gender: Male
Smee is Captain Hook’s right-hand man, and the show’s comic relief. The role of Smee is another opportunity to showcase a comedic performer alongside Captain Hook. The role requires only group singing. The role can be played by a boy or a girl, and is often played by the actor playing Nana.
Gender: Male
The Pirates
The Pirates are Captain Hook’s roughhouse gang of henchmen. They are mean and gruff characters that do Captain Hook’s bidding. They include Jukes, Starkey, Noodler, Skylights, Cookson and Murphy. You may expand the size of your ensemble by creating additional pirates as needed. Only group singing is required, and boys and girls may play pirates.
Gender: Both
The Crocodile
The Crocodile ate Captain Hook’s hand, and is now following him to eat the rest of him. This is a non-speaking role, and the actor playing this character can become part of the ensemble for other group numbers.
Gender: Both
The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys are Peter Pan’s right hand boys. They are fellow orphans like Peter Pan, and together form his gang of faithful friends in Never Land. They include Cubby, Skunk, Foxy, Hop and the Raccoon Twins.
Gender: Male
Chief Tiger Bamboo
Chief Tiger Bamboo is the leader of the native Indian population on Never Land. Only group singing is required for this role, so character work is most important for this role.
Gender: Male
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily is the Indian Chief’s daughter. She is a strong and proud young woman, so look for a performer who is a confident and assured on stage. This role is an opportunity to showcase a dancer. This role is often played by the same actor playing Mrs. Darling.
Gender: Female
The Indians
The Indians are the native inhabitants in Never Land. They include Brave Pine, Brave Oak and Brave Shrub. You may expand the size of your ensemble by creating additional Indian roles as needed. The Indian ensemble is an opportunity to showcase your best dancers during “What Makes The Brave Man Brave.”
Gender: Both
The Mermaids
The Mermaids are also native to Never Land and live in Mermaid Lagoon. They very friendly to Peter, but resentful of Wendy when she arrives in Never Land. The mermaids include Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Allana and Adella. These roles require group singing only, and offer the opportunity to showcase dancers.
Gender: Female

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