A Message to our Community

Susan Ferley
Artistic Director

Erin Pierce

Erin Peirce
Managing Director

The Capitol Theatre’s priority continues to be the health and safety of our patrons, artists, staff and volunteers. In this light, we must do what is necessary to reduce risk and that entails our observation of social distancing. To this end, we have suspended all performances until July 30th, 2020

Every effort is being made to reschedule all affected performances and we will continue to contact ticket holders directly with the new dates as soon as the information becomes available.

We are prepared to react accordingly as news of the virus continues to emerge and if further adjustments to the schedule are required, we will again make the appropriate steps to remain vigilant and informed on what we must do to ensure the comfort and safety of our staff, volunteers and community.

During this time of uncertainty, The Capitol Theatre would like to encourage you to consider supporting our communities sustainability. We are just beginning to understand the impact of COVID-19, and it’s difficult to gauge how Northumberland County and the beautiful community of Port Hope will be impacted over the coming months. Through communications with our ticketing database and social media channels we will continue to encourage individuals to stay connected and seek ways to support local businesses stay “in business” during these challenging times.

Behind the scenes, with programming suspended and operations on hold, we are working hard behind the scenes to plan for the future. Although timelines are uncertain, the Capitol Theatre will be back with great entertainment and our programming will be stronger than ever.

We remain grateful to those who have taken the time to reach out offering genuine words of encouragement and support during these unprecedented times including those who have become members of the Capitol Theatre, increased their level of Membership as well as those who have generously provided a much needed Donation supporting the future Capitol Experience!

The Capitol Theatre family realizes that we are all affected by the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus and we want to offer our best wishes for the continued good health of you and your family.

We look forward to returning to the stage, after this brief intermission.

Stay Safe & Healthy